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Naturopathy is a distinct system of primary healthcare – an art, discipline, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. It is a system of medicine, which seeks to facilitate and promote the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms. The procedure of naturopathy range over a wide spectrum of modalities, which are always nontoxic and non-suppressive, and are always based on nutrition – dietetics, structural readjustments, physical therapies and psychological counseling. Naturopathy or healing power of Nature (Vis Medicatrics Nature) underpins almost all the therapeutic techniques of holistic alternative medicine. Naturopathy emphasizes upon the treatment of the whole person rather than just treating the disease. Although Naturopathy is a relatively recent ward its approach and principles represents the essence of a broad holistic attitude to health and disease.

Principles and Practice of Naturopathy

Naturopathic Practice
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